Active learning!

How do you really feel about sitting in a room listening to a lecturer working their way through one PowerPoint slide after another with maybe the occasional question being thrown out you or a requirement to do some work in pairs? I bet you find it pretty boring.

You need a new way of learning: listening, participating, and applying those learnings.

Join the fun with me on this journey.

Authorized Training
Data Protection / GDPR

What you've missed.

Talk at BBC - Jorge Carrillo from 2017

Student's work during a workshop on CIPM

Talk at BBC 2016

Discussion on Privacy, Online Marketing and A11y

Privacy and IoT talk 2016

Internet of Things

Talk at French Chamber of Commerece in Prague 2016 - 2017

FCOK - In Prague

CISSP and ISC2 engagements From 2016

(ISC)2 - Trainer and Speaker

LawTech 2013

Workshops on Digital Forensics

E-learning development by Jorge Carrillo 2015, 2017

E-learning development

Jorge Carrillo @ Prague College From 2011

Guest Speaker

Reaching out to the community From 2011

Connecting with the Community