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Certified Information Systems Security Professional


27-31 May 2019


Official Course

This course is about establishing a holistic security programs to protect your organization.

Athorized (ISC)2 trainer

Unique experience to reflect on Cybersecurity strategy in a holistic view. Join our instructor Jorge Carrillo, PhD to cover all aspects to design, develop and manage the overall security posture of your organization. u

Get Certified

CISSP is the Gold Standard credential that assures you have the deep technical and managerial knowledge and experience to effectively design, engineer, and manage a Cybersecurity strategy.

Secure what matters

Risk Management and Governance models are here to help you to prioritize your efforts for allocating resources to secure a system. At the end of this module you will know how to prioritize your security efforts by following Risk Management tools and techniques.

Where to start

To implement a security program, you need to start with the fundamental problem: "Where my data and/or assets are".
At the end of this module you will know how to effectively implement data classification, privacy controls, data security controls and discover "unknowns" that required to be protected.

Build and Manage Security

Building security within an engineering process is not an easy task, by "building security" from the beggining you will be able to prevent rather than correct.
At the end of this module you will now the different security engineering practices and modern techniques and tool to engineer and manage of security.

Network Security

With more a more devices connected to a network, such as your toaster or laptop, you will learn how to secure network components including designing a good architecture.
At the end of this module you will be familiar with common network attacks and the best way to protect against them (by preventing them in the first place)

Who are you?

Allocating identities and implementing access controls are a fundamental step in any security program.
At the end of this module you will understand the access provisioning lifecycle, their corresponding threats and corresponding access controls.

Test and Validate

Is your security really working?. There are two ways to find out: Your systems might get hacked and you will find out on the press; or you might choose to test your security controls. Clearly, finding the issues first (so you can fix them) is the best place to be.
At the end of this module you will be able to define good security test strategies that will help you to identify vulnerabilities effectively.

Bussiness as Usual

Security should be part of your organization DNA, and security should not be a "extra work" - but the "normal way to work"
At the end of this module you will be able to design good security controls within the normal operations, including Incident Managament, change management and other operational activities.

Secure Development

Security in the software development lifecycle allows to design and enforce Software security effectively. Security by design should be part of your software acceptance criteria. At the end of this module you will be able to design and implement robost security controls within the development of systems.

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